The True Cost Of Eating Out

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Obviously, buying prepared food or eating in restaurants costs more because restaurants have to make a profit. But the true cost of eating out is much higher than just the price tag – you are also paying with your health.


We don’t really know what goes into the foods that are served in restaurants. On rare occasions (usually at big chains) we might be able to obtain a nutrition facts chart and an ingredient list, but they can’t reveal all of their secrets; especially the fillers they use to make the portions seem larger. The meals served are generally safe and healthy, but not nearly as healthy as the food we cook ourselves.


When we choose our own ingredients – prime cuts of meat, organic vegetables and pure oils –  we know exactly what we are eating. We can make our meals as wholesome and healthy as we like, and still stay within a tight budget. And when we eat more wholesome meals, we naturally lose weight, which is also very good for overall health.


Why is it so much healthier?

Because we control what goes into the meal:

  • less fat,
  • less sugar,
  • less sodium,
  • more nutrients, and
  • leave out fatty fillers 
  • Plus, we control our portions.

We are never encouraged to “size up” or buy additional portions such as combo meals at our homes!


Cooking at home also reduces the amount we spend on food so we can invest the funds towards the things that really matter to us, like buying a house or saving for retirement.


Check out the following infographic that demonstrates how much money you can save by cooking at home.



The True Cost of Eating Out Instead Of Cooking At Home