Feeding Your Picky Child For Optimum Growth & Health

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Learn Proven Techniques to Convert Your Picky Eater
into an Independent & Healthy Eating Adult


For Whom: Parents of children ages: 6 months to 17 years
who struggle with feeding their children – healthy or any food.


Price: Free Webinar


Date: Wednesday, June 28th

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Who Can Benefit from this Workshop

Anyone who has experienced ANY one of these scenarios:

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Does that sound like YOU or someone you know?

If you answered YES, then this workshop is for you!

Children can sometimes become very stubborn and nothing helps.
Sometimes it may feel that the more you try, the worse the situation gets.


But there is good news, this can change


There is an art and science behind getting your child to eat and enjoy foods, regardless of their age. It is a gradual process but if followed, there can be significant changes in their behaviours and relief on your part as a parent. I have put together these evidence-based & scientifically-proven tools and strategies into my upcoming workshop for parents.


If you or someone you know is struggling with feeding children, please encourage them to attend this workshop.

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Who I Am & What You Can Expect!

I am a dietitian and see many children, and parents who are struggling to feed their children. After seeing enough parents and kids in my practice for the past 3 years, I realized how big of an issue this is in our community, even though the solution is quite simple. And the solution is probably not what you think or what you’d expect from a dietitian (or nutritionist).


I have seen remarkable changes in my clients who started using these strategies, which are purely science based and backed by lots of research and evidence in clinical and social settings. You will not only start seeing your child eating more independently and enjoying other foods, but you will have less work to do when it comes to feeding them!

Children start to become picky at around 12-18 months of age!

The earlier you start the better, which is why I encourage young parents to attend, even if your child is not yet picky. Children usually develop independence and start showing picky eating behaviours when they reach about 12-18 months of age. And how we react to their behaviour sets the stage for how picky they become over the next few years. I have seen children who are 8 years, 12 years and even 18 years old who have this issue and it all started before the age of 2. As I said, if we don’t intervene early it gets worse. And it’s much harder to break the habits and patterns once they are bigger (but it’s still very much possible!!).

You are Invited!

That’s why I invite parents with children who are 6 months to up to 17 years old. Even parents with younger kids or expecting parents are also welcome! All the strategies I will discuss will be applicable to all parents (mothers and fathers) and all children of every age group. I will talk about both preventive measures and treatment plans and strategies. You will leave with some great tools and an information booklet with resources.

Bonus if you register Early!

If you sign-up in advance (TODAY), I will also send you bonus content as we lead up to the workshop. If you aren’t able to attend but really want this content then please register as well and I will also send you a replay of the webinar by email only if you sign-up in advance. Thanks and hope this is something you and your loved ones can benefit from. Please also let other parents know about this. The more we spread this knowledge, the better our community kids will grow up, and the lesser burden of conditions like eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia etc), obesity and related complications will exist.

Hope to see you all there!!

Lots of Love,


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If this is you, you are not alone.

This is a DAILY routine for most mothers right now.

Mealtime is sometimes a very big source of stress for you. But it doesn’t have to be that hard.

I will give you the exact strategy you can apply today,

to immediately have stress-free meal times with the whole family.

Lets walk through this process together
in the upcoming workshop for parents

You will start seeing your child eating more independently and enjoying other foods on their own.

You will also learn to take a hands-off approach, and will actually

have to spend LESS time feeding and worrying about them!

Mothers usually leave my office with a sigh of relief

knowing feeding their child doesn’t have to be such a burden,

and most of them can’t believe that such a hands-off strategy

will work for THEIR child. But to their surprise, it does!

Surprisingly the strategies I will layout will not be your typical tricks that you hear or expect from a dietitian!

I will NOT teach you to:

 make your child choose their own foods at the grocery store, or
 grow their own food, or
 have them help you in preparing meals, or
 sneak more vegetables in their smoothies, or
 talk to them and teach them the importance of eating broccoli, etc

These were OLD tricks, but NEW research has found that they didn’t really work,
so the strategies I have for you are quiet the OPPOSITE of some of those mentioned above!!


Instead, I WILL teach you:

The direct Parenting, Behavioral and Lifestyle strategies to make this work!

You will learn the exact what’s, when’s, where’s and how’s of feeding

What: The exact Foods you should have available

When: The Timing & Schedule of Meals & Snacks

Where: The Locations and Places for best feeding

How: The styles & the exact Words you should use
⇒  & Much, much more.

Don’t trust me? Or Curious about it?

Then attend this workshop which is designed to empower parents,
where I will show you how to make these simple but powerful strategies work for your child!

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