Reward Yourself!

Reward Yourself!

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Making plans is easy! Making them stick is another story altogether…


To make your goals stick, we need to use positive reinforcement. With every thing your do, when there is a reward associated with it, you feel good about it. Weight loss has a bad rap because there are only negative thoughts associated with it. The results are not experienced immediately. Unlike weight loss and portion control, eating a fulfilling meal has a positive connotation, because you feel an immediate reward, the feeling of getting full and the pleasure of the taste of that food. Making healthy eating easy and positive requires the effort of rewarding yourself each time you reach a certain goal.


Once you have make a short-term realistic goal, you need to set a timeline of when you expect to achieve this or maintain this. When that date arrives and you have been able to meet you goal, you should choose an activity to reward yourself with. Here are some example (but remember these rewards are only rewards if you don’t routinely do them, choose  reward that is something you really look forward to, and they cannot be food related!!)

Have You met Your Goal…? Now it’s time to reward yourself

Pick Your Reward!

  • Research Your Family Tree by
  • Get a FitBit to track your steps and activity!
  • Take a relaxing Bath
  • Read a new ebook or use an Audiobook
  • Find and cook a Healthy Recipe Cooking Light Diet
  • Do a Puzzle
  • Get an Exercise Machine BowFlex
  • Go Skating
  • Join a new fitness program like BeachBody or YOGASMOGA
  • Gift Yourself Flowers
  • Get a massage using SpaFinder
  • Knit a Scarf
  • Try a new craft
  • Go Bowling
  • Go for a Hike
  • Listen to a Meditation tape
  • Get yourself a slowcooker, or kitchen appliance (10% off)