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Najiha Faraz

Najiha Faraz (Volunteer)

Najiha Faraz has done her Masters in Human Development from the College of Home Economics Karachi, Pakistan. Here research thesis was on “Factors Associated with Academic Achievement of Adolescent Boys” (2006). She has worked with the children with special needs and as a dietitian in Health Care Hospital and DHA Health Center in Karachi, Pakistan.


Currently, she is volunteering with Modest Nutrition to analyze and makeover recipes and meal plans, and helping plan social media campaigns and write nutrition blogs. Najiha is passionate about promoting healthy eating habits and plans to pursue further education in the field of nutrition.



Saima Khan

Saima Khan (Volunteer)

Saima Khan is a third year student at the University of Guelph, enrolled in the Applied Human Program. She intends on becoming a registered dietitian in the future and is currently volunteering at the Modest Nutrition clinic where she is gaining hands on experience with Shaistha, the registered dietitian.


She absolutely loves working with her because she finds it very motivating and inspiring. Through her time working at Modest Nutrition, she was able to see how registered dietitians work and deal with clients. Her next goal is to do internship in order to qualify for writing her dietetic exam.


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