Are You Using the Toilet INCORRECTLY?

Are You Using the Toilet INCORRECTLY?

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The other day I was skimming through my Facebook timeline and found an interesting tidbit about sitting postures while using the Toilet!


I thought that is something interesting that we don’t hear much about and I was curious to know more.




I know you’d be interested too, so that’s why I thought of writing this blog today. The tidbit said that we are using the toilet wrong, or in other words, the way we sit on our modern day toilet seat it not good for our health and bowels.

Apparently we need to go back to our ancestors way of using the toilet

– Yes, that could means squatting!

So I wanted to find out for you, if there is any scientific basis for this theory.


After doing a little bit of digging into the scientific literature and to my surprise, I did find evidence (although not too much), but there is some scientific data supporting this theory.


Watch this video for a highlight (disclaimer – this video is about toilets so view at your own discretion – especially if you are queasy & disgust easily):



So based on this information, here are a couple of steps you can take if you’d like to try this out and see if it works.

  • Start using a small stepping stool so that your knees are a few inches above your waist line.
    If the recommended 35 degree angle looks too much, start with a shorter angle until you feel comfortable.
  • If you find it helpful, spread the word, let others know about it too.

DIY tip:

  • You don’t necessarily need to go and buy a new stool if you don’t want to.
  • You can simply use an empty bucket or an unused trash can, and
  • flip it over to step on.


Useful Resources and Tools:

EasyGopro 7.5″ Ergonomic Toilet Stool (Amazon Affiliate link)


I am curious to know what Your thoughts are on this? Let me know in the comments below