Proven & Surprising reasons why your child will not eat their vegetables tonight!

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I have been working on putting together a workshop for helping your kids eat better. I know there is a lot of demand, because I have heard many of you ask me. I have been listening.

This is a very near and dear topic to me, so it took me quite some time to figure out how to best serve you.

Now there’s so so much that I can cover on this topic, but I need to narrow a sub-topic down that I can talk in just 1 hour, so I came up with something that should be able to cover a big chunk of your daily struggles, hence the title of the workshop is:

Proven & Surprising reasons why your child will not eat their vegetables tonight! Learn why the things we thought we should do are wrong, and the kid-friendly way to have them to effortlessly eat a variety of foods

I am extremely excited to invite YOU and YOUR entire Family & Friends circle (any & all parents) to join me in this FREE LIVE Workshop! Any parent who has children ages 6 months to 18 years could benefit, expectant parents are also welcome.I assure you that this will be value-packed for you and will definitely make a lasting impact in your feeding relationship with your child. Things I will teach you:

  • Why the things we have always been taught to do, in getting children to eat, doesn’t really work!
  • Walk you through the case studies and examples to show you the different types of feeding styles and their outcomes.
  • Give you the four step process it takes for your child to start to WILLINGLY choose healthier foods
  • Empower you to take a more problem-solving approach to decode your child & their mealtime tantrums
  • And much more!


Raise Healthy Eaters e-Course